Profile of the Family in Koh Samui

The Family is a charitable, non-profit group offering seeking to help anyone in need regardless of religion, background, color or creed.

Christmas Lunch at Zico'sIn Koh Samui we work side by side with other dedicated professionals from educational and service-oriented institutions such as: (Government Schools, Education Office Suratthani, Royal Thai Airforce, The Municipality Office, The Rotary Club of Koh Samui, The Samui Expats Club, Resorts and Hotels and many other like-minded Local companies and individuals.)

The Family has been in Koh Samui for 9 years and has organised and assisted in community projects such as:

  • Educational seminars,
  • Free English Teachings at government schools,
  • Adoption of children in need of care,
  • Hosting of English Camps and Workshops,
  • Benefit performances,
  • Educational outings,
  • Counseling,
  • Free distribution of donated goods to the less fortunate of society.

While there is a never-ending need for help on a material level, The Family’s primary emphasis and belief is on values such as love, friendship, compassion and caring, expressed through outgoing concern for others.

Volunteer Marco with kidsThe emphasis on these values will often provide simple solutions to many of today’s problems for the individual, living in today’s complex society.

Our Funding

The highly qualified volunteers of The Family currently work on a part-time basis besides their current jobs and businesses.

The funding of all activities and expenses is dependent on a mixture of a few sources.

The Family receives financial and in kind contributions from concerned individuals, local companies, and donations from relatives and friends abroad who are affiliated with our charitable programs in Thailand.

Children's day distributing giftsWe highly appreciate your continued support our dear supporters on Samui. It surely facilitates us to do our work better. (see more on our supporters here)

Other sources of contributions are derived from musical performances, sale of original Audio-Video materials and wages from part-time English Teachings/Seminars.

All of these income sources provide for the daily running costs and operating expenses of our multi-facetted projects.

How can you help?

As the Island’s population increases so is the number of schoolchildren, and thus the insurmountable growing

To be able to cope with this strong surge in demand for our projects, The Family in Koh Samui would like to appeal to you for support in financial means/time and/or any other means of contribution to make these projects for the youth and the future of Koh Samui a continual success.